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Leaving London.. juli 25, 2006

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After losing against Finland our moral wasn’t very high anymore, altough everyone liked to play Scotland one more time. The first encounter was 13-8, so it was hoped to be a good match.

Like a few times before, we didn’t start off very well. The Scottish used this and gained a lead of 10-0. Coming back from this was nearly impossible, and that turned out to be true. After a pep talk we did a lot better in the 3rd quarter, actually winning it by 1-0. Eventually we lost in the end bvy 15-4. It didn’t turn out to be a great match, but we weren’t all too depressed. A 12th place is still a very good place to be on. It was our first try, we learnt a lot and showed the world that we ARE out there. Next time we WILL be in the top 8!

After the game we went for dinner with sponsors and family, after which we celebrated the end of the tournament in the local bars. On sunday we took a look at the waterfalls in Niagara Falls, which wasn’t all that exciting, and went on driving to Toronto to spend the night there.

After arriving at the airport at 13:00 PM, it turned out to be that the flight for the guys going back to Amsterdam was delayed 24 hours! I feel bad for them, but they got free vouchers for hotel and food. Kinda bad for the people that had to go to work the next day though… :S

Perijn, Marie, Tim and I are going to stay here a while longer. If you’re in the country anyway, might as well spend some more time here and look around 🙂 Montreal, New York, DC, Philly, all places to be seen 🙂
For those interested, there will be some blogs on my hyves too.
For now this will be the last blog I write here. Hope you enjoyed it!

Roy – 24/07/2006


What a sad way… juli 21, 2006

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So, yesterday we played Finland. Finland, after losing 27-2 to Canada, was really spirited in winning. But so were we.

Like all previous matches, that didn’t really show in the first quarter / half, which lead us to be losing 6-1 in half time. We had some very bad luck though, as we had a lot of shots but their goalie stopped it all.
After the break we got better, and went on scoring. 6-2.. 6-3.. 6-4.. 6-5.. 6-6.. And then a stickcheck was called on Aaron, our goalscorer of the 6th goal. His stick was found illegal because it was 1/8th of an inch too short, and the goal was cancelled and we got a 3 minute penalty!

This 3-minute penalty lead to 2 more goals for the Fins… We were behind 8-5. First thing Aaron did after getting back in the field was scoring a goal with another stick, so who can blame it on the stick? Pathetic of the coach of the Fins to be asking for a stick-check like that. Here in Canada coaches are usually way too ashemed to ask for a stick-check, it’s just not done. We scored another goal and it was 8-7. A few minutes later a stickcheck was called on Jonas as well. He wasn’t worried at all, because he was certain he measured it right. But the ref threw a flag into the air as well, stating that the stick was too short as well. Another 3-minute penalty with only 4 minutes left in the game sentenced us, we lost 10-8 in the end. It’s terrible to lose like this, especially since we were the better team and played our best match so far. We later found out Jonas’ stick was longer than Aaron’s and not too short after all… it was a bad call by the ref. But we’re not gonna whine after that, a loss is a loss and we will just have to deal with it. We will get back on them at the Europeans in two years!

Scotland lost to the Italians 10-7, which means we play against them for the 11th place at 4PM today. Hopefully we will beat them and still get the 11th place!

Roy – 21/07/2006

GO ORANGE!! juli 19, 2006

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We took the win against Latvia today. We didn’t start very well on offence, and with a great goalie for Latvia it didn’t lead to many goals. In half time it was 3-3. Luckily we were able to take it up a nodge, and the Latvians didn’t stand a chance anymore. While they only scored 1, we scored 7. With a 10-4 win we secured ourselves with AT LEAST a 12th place in the tournament.

Tomorrow at 4:00 PM we will play the loser between Finland (1st Yellow) and Canada (2nd Blue). Obviously we would be playing Finland, but it would be awesome if they pulled up something and we play Canada instead 😛

After that, we play either on saturday at 9:00 AM for the 9th place if we win, or on friday at 4:00 PM for the 11th place if we lose. We will make sure to get another 2 victories to come home with a well-deserved 9th place in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT!!!!

Roy – 19/07/2006

Ai Ai Ai juli 19, 2006

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Well, our play in the last two matches was not that great, so I will not elaborate too much on it.

Against New Zealand we started playing well, scoring a lot. But it didn’t take much time before we got into a slump, didn’t really work as a team anymore, everyone wanted to score and did egoistic stupid things, and we got goals against us. The Kiwi’s aren’t a really good team, but it’s not as if they would hand over the win on a silver platter. Eventually we did win the game as they did not manage to score more goals, but we were not proud on how we played that day.

Then the Czechs. In the first half we were not focussed AT ALL, as you can see in the score. It was like we were playing without a defense. The Czechs would just run right through and score goals. People were stick-chasing and not using their bodies to put the attacker down, which of course does not help. This lead to be behind 10-1. Also the refs were not helping us at all. They called penalties on us which didn’t make any sense sometimes. This was not the fact that bothered us though, because that kind of thing happens all the time. The fact that did bother us is that they were not consistent, as they didn’t call penalties on the Czechs for doing the same things. This lead to the massive amount of penalties we got, because we got more and more frustrated because of it.

We did start playing better though, defense was tightened up and offese more intense. We ended 19-10, which meand we tied 9-9 in the second half. This was the way the whole match should have been right from the beginning. We might even have won that second half if the refs would have been more consistent. But hey, if.. if.. if… Talk is cheap, we need to ACT! It happened twice now (also against Germany) we started losing the first quarter and then started to play better. Today we play the 2nd in Yellow division, which is Latvia. We’re going all-out from the start to prevent things like this from happening again.


Roy – 19/07/2006

P.S. To get rid of some confusion: Latvia was changed with the Czechs a day before the tournament started. Meaning the Czechs playing in Orange and the Latvians playing in Yellow division. We were not happy with this of course, as the Czechs are way better. But hey, life is tough and eventually you will have to beat everybody 😉 Germany won our division, Czechs came in second and we’re third. In Yellow the winners are Finland and Latvia is 2nd.

1-1 juli 17, 2006

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As most of you probably have seen, we beat South Korea 12-4.
With this, we were the first country ever to win their first game in their first World Championships, even the president of the International Lacrosse federation came to the field after the game to tell us this. Awesome!

We were pretty popular because of our win versus Korea and because of our nice gear. Orange really stands out 😉
People would walk up to the STX stand (our sponsor) and walk by all the nice USA gear stalled out. They directly went to the guy running the stand asking about the Netherlands gear and shirts and where to get them. The shirts, polo’s and hats were also quite popular. Really cool and a great day for Holland Lacrosse 🙂

After a day off and watching some other Lacrosse matches we went to face Germany today. A really important match, we would have to win this to become first in our division. We didn’t start out really well and faced a 4-0 loss after the first quarter. Luckily we overcame this and won the second quarter, but still losing by 3. In the end the depth in strenght and experience on part of the Germans meant our loss: 15-9. Although we lost this match it was another great day for us. Germany came in second on the European championships 2 years ago, only losing by 1 goal in that final. And look where we are now, with most of our players having played less than a year, competing with them on the World’s!

After the match we went to the stadium to watch USA-Canada, which turned out to be pretty exciting. The score went back and forth, and with only 30 secs left on the clock it was 12-12 and possession for Canada. After having the Canadian goal cancelled 15 seconds before the end because of a crease violation, the USA team won by a goal in THE LAST SECOND before the end of the match! 13-12, beautiful game.

Tomorrow we will face New Zealand and the day after that the Czechs. New Zealand isn’t playing that well so we hope to beat them good to still make the 2nd or even 1st place in our division. We got to be really careful with the Czechs as well though, since they beat Korea by 20-2 😐

We will just do our best and have a lot of fun playing this great sport!

Roy – 16/07/2006

P.S. Photo’s will follow later 😉

Arrival in London juli 12, 2006

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After 3 practices on sunday and only 1 on monday (because of rain and thunder), we departed for London after a last practice in Oshawa. It took us quite a while to get there, as we were stuck in a traffic jam… not cool.

When we got there we checked in to the Fanshawe college and went straight to North London Athletic Fields (where we will be playing our tournament matches as well). There, we played against Scotland in a friendly game. We had lots of spectators, which was awesome. The Germans were watching us as well. Most remarkable about Scotland is that their first goalie is 67-year old John Marr. And he’s a really good goalie (still holding the record of most saves in a worlds championship), as they even chose him above all-american Navy goalie KEVIN RUSSEL! After opening the score it was a really close game. We were winning 4-2 after the first quarter, winning 5-4 at half time, losing 8-7 after the third quarter and eventually lost the game 13-8.

Too bad we lost, but it was awesome to see how much we are improving! Every single player on the team is taking their work really seriously and everyone is working hard to accomplish great thing. Worst parts on the game on our side were unforced errors and substitutions. These are things we are working on right now so it will not happen as much anymore during our games in the tournament. Tonight we will be playing Spain I think. If not, Denmark with our great friend Kristian Gotsch on the team. If that cannot happen either it will be a normal practice I guess.

Tomorrow is the opening ceremonies, should be good… and after that… our first game.. vs SOUTH KOREA!!!
Wish us luck y’all!! 😉

Roy – 12/07/2006

An update juli 8, 2006

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Wauw, guess not a lot of my teammates have written something… I guess I’ll keep you guys posted by means of this post then 😀

The second day was practicing hard again, it showed emprovement, but also a lot of stuff to work on.
That night it was time to hit the bar and we went out to this place called ” The Banshee”.
Good clean fun, you can ask us about it when you talk to us.

The day after we got into the vans for the trip to Ottawa. Kinda sucked, as the vans were stuffed and it was quite a long ride (4 hours). Over there we played a team called ” Black Sheep”, who were pretty good… they had some pro players and they kinda overwhelmed us in the beginning, which started of as a 12-3 after the first half. We started playing better and after only losing 3-2 the third quarter we lost the match by 19-8. Thanks Black Sheep for the great match, it really showed where we stand right now and what we need to work on!

After a couple of beers with the team we went on to the camp site from where we would go rafting the next day (that is, yesterday). Yesterday at the rafting we split to group up between 2 rafts and went to have an awesome time on the water and jumping in as the chances came along 😀

THe day was awesome, although quite tiring. We saw a movie of us all rafting afterwards and then came the long trip back, a diner at East Side Mario’s to seal the night and for some a poker night. (Lance, Graham, Mark and I got to the final table and this was also the order in which the night finished. So I came in 4th and stayed out of the prices :S)

Today we got the day off, to rest a bit. We’ll be playing some basketball and hit the gym in a bit, have a relaxed lacrosse practice and go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie I guess. Tomorrow will be tough though… practice starts at 08.00 am, goes on to 10.00, then another one from 11.00-13.00, after which we will go see the world cup soccer final and then another practice from 17.00-19.00… quite tiring. I also got invited to a pool party with some teammates so I’m kinda wondering how that will be… gonna be a great day tomorrow!!

Roy – 08/07/2006

The first day juli 4, 2006

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Hi All!

Yesterday we arrived, with a delay of 2 hours as pointed out by Arttu, at Toronto Airport.
First thing we noticed was the incredible humidity, it was H-O-T. Oh well, we’ll just have to get used to that 😉
When we got to THE RESIDENCE, the place we’re staying at, we had our first team meeting.
Stuff like who was who, schedule, etc… where discussed.
After that we got our gear and WHOA what an awesome stuff it is…
Too bad my stick was still missing, but I think it’ll be coming today. Want my STX Cannon with Cranckshaft!!!:D
But the rest was awesome… the helmets, THE GLOVES, the armpads, the clothes, it’s all good 😀
Can’t wait to show em all to you!

Well, we’re off to our first practice right now, more to follow soon…
Keep checking this site out!

Roy – Independence day ’06

Take-off (pain in the ass) juli 4, 2006

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When we arrived at the airport we got the nice news that we had a delay of something like two hours…


It was something of a relieve for Erik as he was in a traffic jam and was coming late.

The flight was hell. Too long, too small, crappy movies and Jasper was talking in his sleep…


About the arrival and everything here (it is so sweet here!!!) will be writen later today…


– I’ll be mainly shooting some video’s and posting them as a video blog but there will be lot’s of other players that are writing their stories…


Arttu 4 july 7.15 AM



13 hours from take-off juli 2, 2006

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By Erik Vogels.  —  I still cannot believe it! After putting in so much time and energy in getting everything organized, time is finally upon us to depart to Canada. Some 1,5 years ago work started together with Edouard Dopper and Taco Prinsenberg (who unfortunately will not be joining us), and I have to admit that not everything went as smooth as I wish it would have. We had a lot of difficulty getting the staff in place, having the team put together, but most of all sorting out the financial aspects of this trip. I can remember several occasions where I was close to giving up, having lost my faith to successfully completing the tasks I had brought onto myself. But hey… the sweet ain’t as sweet without the bitter!

Now, the night before we leave I have the strangest feeling: I actually do not feel at all like I am leaving for the biggest tournament of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I realy am pumped and anxious to play. I think it just hasn’t really gotten through yet all the long hours have paid off and the Dutch National Team really is going to participate. I’m sure that as soon as I see all the guys ariving at the check-in meeting spot it will start to become more obvious. Maybe this strange feeling is because I’m still thinking more about all the organizational aspects and the other players, than about my own things. As usual my parents are way more nervous than I am. Maybe it’s because I know what we’ll be up against. And maybe it is because I will be the one that is going to the other side of the pond, with them staying behind. All I know is that we couldn´t have done (or should I say are not able to do) all this without the love and support of our parents. I want to thank each and everyone of you for giving your son the opportunity to be part of this great event. This weblog is here to inform especially you on the team’s activities. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do writing it.

As a final note I would like stress how incredably proud I am of all the guys. The progression everyone has booked over the last period of time is tremendous. This gives me great confidence in a successful future. No matter what happens, each and every one of them is Hall-of-Fame in my book.

#5, Erik Vogels